Header only!! 

titanium header with a powerbomb from tekmo racing! 


Perfect fit with manual.
Less weight and 2.5 hp more power! 
And because of the improved flow over the whole line a better power delivery. 
which makes the engine feel better at the bottom and middel.

Fits with the original exhaust and with any slip-on akrapovic or other sport exhaust. 

Fits model 2008 til 2018 and the 2019 - 2021-2023-2024 model with flank mounting adapter in the box. 

Weight: 1.04 KG

O2 plug and mounting set including 



in stock



titanium voorbocht met powerbomb van tekmo racing!

Perfecte pasvorm met handleiding.

Minder gewicht en 2.5 pk meer vermogen!

En door de verbeterde flow over de hele lijn een betere afgifte waardoor de motor onderin beter aanvoelt.

Past met de originele uitlaat en met slip-on van akrapovic of andere sport uitlaat.

Past op model 2008 t/m 2018 en ook de nieuwe 2019 - 2021-2023-2024 model met flens aansluiting. 

Inclusief O2 plug en mounting set. 



op voorraad


Introducing our latest Full Exhaust system for 2008/2024 KTM 690 Husqvarna 701 and the gasgas 700 Enduro/Supermoto models.


A fully tricked out 3 pcs system and 1 into the muffler that has twin exit.


Muffler Features:
- Special DB Killer that makes the pipe quieter without compromising HP and easy to remove. 
- Full titanium muffler.
- New design header to be slimmer and closer fitting to the frame than earlier Tekmo header but still allowing access to change oil filter.
- Special maps will be available for full exhaust system from Rottweiler performance.


Weight: 3.7 KG


in stock